Removing shingles & replacing w/ steel

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I currently have a shingle roof which needs replacing. I intend to have the shingles removed. The pitch is 12-12. The quote received suggests 2x4's on 2' centers with 1/2" Tuff R board over the 2x4's. The home is a Cape Cod style and we have vaulted ceilings upstairs. Is this standard procedure for laying a new steel roof? Thank you very much,
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Unfortnately it is more complicated than that. I assume your shingles have failed and if they did not exceed their expected life span then there is probably a ventilation problem. The code calls for ventilation between the roof covering and insulation of minimum 1", with 50% at the eave for intake. I have no idea what Tuff R board is, but assume it is some type of insulation. First thing to do is identify if the existing vaulted roof assembly is vented and if to code. I would guess not. That would mean strapping vertically over the rafters and then horizontally to accept tyhe metal. A roofing underlayment should be used over the existing roof. Profiled vented closures should be used at the eave and ridge. If you want to upgrade the insulation, then this is an ideal time. Itdoes get slightly more complicated in determining if the existing shingles can stay in place as it is dependant on the value of the existing insulation. Closed cell foam is best and the vertical strapping is installed over.
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