Sue Prytherch
We are almost finished with having our metal roof installed. I am afraid we are not too happy with the way the roofers have done two of the ridges, and they have redone them twice now. I am trying to find out just how it should be done, and perhaps we will just do it ourselves. The roof is a "5v metal crimp" roof. (At least that is what they are called in my location - SW Florida.) Not the most expensive metal roof, but it does look nice on our house, and we are on quite a budget. There is a small 3 ft. roof which extends out on the front of the house and goes around the 2 adjoining walls by a few feet. The problem area is the small ridge on each corner. (It is the same edge treatment that a hip roof would have where the 4 roof hip roof sections meet and have a ridge that extends from the main ridge of the house down to the fascia.) This is only a small ridge - perhaps 4 feet long, and then it ends at the fascia. The problem is that where it meets the fascia, they have bent it over and it is not bent at the correct angle. Here are my questions: How should this small ridge trim piece end at the fascia? Should it bend over the fasica somewhat, and if so, by how much? We are experienced do-it-yourselfers and we were thinking that we could make a template out of cardboard with the correct angles, order another piece of white metal roof from the roofing company, and then take it to a metal shop and have them custom bend it to be the correct angles (from our template.) Then, of course, we will have no problem screwing it back in place. It is easily reachable, and we were the ones who provided stainless steel roofing screws for this job and have hundreds left over. I will negotiate a "discount" from the roofing company, who has yet to collect the balance due. We will then do it ourselves and have a very nice looking piece on these edges, and I can stop dealing with the roofers and go on down the road. I am just trying to figure out how it should be done, and then any suggestions on what a metal shop would charge to make 2 custom bent pieces from the material and templates I provide? Thanks for any input. We still love the new roof -- just are a little bit miffed at the non-attention to detail of the roofers. Thanks! Sue P.S. I can provide digital photos if requested.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
First is contact the manufacturer of the roof metal, they arte required to have a Florida product approval and it should say how to install the trim. Failing that a photo would help.
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