Irvine, CA Homeowner Association Approval

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Hello, I wish to re-roof (old wooden shake roof) with a Gerard Canyonwood Steel Roof and my homeowners association architectural committee(College Park) has denied for following reason: We do not allow steel roofs." I have 30 days to appeal this ruling and wish to do so. I am looking for ammunition to use in my appeal to get them to allow the steel roof. Has anyone else had this problem in Irvine and surmounted it? Any assistance or suggestions would be most appreciated. Please email to [email protected] Many thanks, Judy
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
We have a considerable amount of roofs in Irvine most specifically the Woodbridge association and so do oour competitors. Problem is we do not look like metal so they do not stand out. Certainly you need a light weight fire safe solution which metal is superior. I have a regional sales manager in the area and he would be pleased to do a presentaion on our type of roofs. I will forward your email.
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