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I have two homes, and last year installed a matel roof on one, and now I am in the process of installing a metal roof on the other. My question is does the installation of a metal roof requires stripes of wood under the metal sheets (roof). The reason for this question is that the first home did not have wood stripes installed under the matel roof and the second contractor requires wood stripes under the metal roof.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Andres, I do not know of any metal roofs that "require" this although, in some cases, the products have been designed so that they "can" be installed that way. In either event, good attic ventilation is always important and I also suggest a vapor barrier behind the ceiling. If you are installing a metal roof that can be on battens and you're choosing to do so, it is an opportunity to obtain additional ventilation for moisture control and energy efficiency.
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