Insulation Values of Asphalts, Metal and Rubber Tile

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We are about to replace a 3200 sq ft roof of "normal" pitch. Can you please offer some comparison in R-Values between 50-year asphalt, Metal (both tiles and standing seam) and Recycled Rubber Tile? Also, is there a great difference between the R-Value of a copper standing seam roof and one with a reflective coating. Thank you.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
R Value is a measure of thermal resistance. Generally speaking, roofing materials have very small R values. The energy efficiency with roofing comes with reflectivity and ventilation. Light colored products or products that have finishes with reflective pigments will reflect heat the best. Ventilation can be done with standard attic venting products or with venting integral to the roofing product itself. Some metal roofs andf some tiles can be vented between the roofing and the roof decking. Some metal products also have a dead airspace, unvented, behind them which is also beneficial. Natural metals such as copper will be quite reflective when they are new and shiny but that will diminish over time. At that point, light colored or reflective finish coate dmetal roofs will be beneficial. I have an article on metal roofing that you may want to have. Email direct to me at [email protected] if you would like to have a copy of it emailed to you.
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