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We presently have a concrete s-tile roof that was installed following Hurricane Andrew. Following Hurricanes Rita & Katrina I am told all our remaining tiles are loose. We are considering replacing the roof with metal. Is there one type, i.e. panel, shingle, etc., that better withstands hurricanes? Feel free to make any suggestions since I am just starting this process and am pretty ingnorant as to what questions to ask and steps to take.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
The Florida Building Code was the first with wind maps to identify location of the building and the use and height qualifiers to come up with specific wind loads for your roof. They want the existing deck examined and refastened if required to the new standard. Sometimes the decking may need to be strengthened as well. My best advice is to choose a product that you like asthetically and then ask to see their FL product approval which will have a wind uplift number. I like these questions as we make one one of the highest wind rated metal tiles. See us at
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