moisture in attic mold found/ new metal roof

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I just had a new roof(all new)installed over my bathroom. It was origanly a flat roof but when we remodeled the bath it became a pitched one. My home was built in 1937 it only has cross ventalation. I have no problems any where else in the house. Just over the bath. I have 2 batts of r19 crosshatched has insulation. all fans and dryer are ducted outside. Mold is found on not just the underside of sheeting but also on the extirer wall were one of the gabble vents is located
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
That is unfortunate. Unfortunately you do not provide enough information to make a good determination. It is possible that you have warm air moving up through the ceiling and condensating. Did you install an interior air barrier on the bathroom? Also gable vents are very inefficient as they do not provide intake air at the eave and they tend to short circuit the air. Were two installed, one at each end? I would look to provide eve intake air and possibly some ridge venting. When they reconstructed the roof, did they install plywood and an underlayment? Minimum the underlayment is required.
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