roofing now with later additions

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I am having to reroof my house within a month ; with plans to later add on to my home in the near future ,how well will the metal roofing colors match later if I choose this route? If I go with shingles I will have to replace everything all over again to make everything uniform. Is this the same case with metal roofing?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Generally, certain types of paint finishes (in trade names, Kynar and Hylar) as well as stone coated finishes tend to hold color over time better than will other types of coatings. Also, lighter colors, as well as grays and browns will do better than will bold colors such as reds and blues and greens. There may be ways to plan the addition so that roof planes are broken up and minor differences will not be so apparent. A lot has to do with geographic exposure, too -- more sunny areas will have more color change. You also may wish to check with your roofing manufacturer to see how consistent they are with their colors and finishes and ask them whether they expect the same color and finish to be available in a few years. You could buy all of the roof you will need now and store it until the additions are actually completed.
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