Ice Dam Problem Solution Recommended Metal Roof

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The house I bought has a very steep pitch roof and ice dams build up at the eves. This is due to ventilation issues with heat loss. Two contractors both suggest that I remove the existing shingles build up the roof and then put on a metal roof. The air pocket will create a vent so cold air would flow between the metal roof and the existing roof. Should I be concerned about any other issues. The structure was put up in 1938 then somewhere along the line they tried to insulate and blocked the air flow to the attic. I will also be installing some larger vents to help with air flow. Any comments would be appreciated.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
There may be other possible solutions, if I kne wmore about your exact situation but their suggested answer, if done correctly with soffit intake vents and ridge exhaust vent, could work well.
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