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I have been told by two roofing contractors that to put a new roof on they would have to do a total tear off. The roof on my 102 year old house consists of cedar shakes and a layer of shingles over roof decking that are 1x12 inch boards which are spaced about 3/4 to one inch apart. I was wondering if I put on a metal roof instead would they have to tear off the 1x12 boards? I am thinking that because of the cost of a total tear off that maybe I could put on a metal roof instead at a comparable cost if the roof was just stripped to the 1x12's.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
The building code will not allow any more go over roofs so what is there needs to come off down to the 1 x 12. Your home would have been built in the day where it breathed so care should be taken to provide proper ventilation with any new roof system. This means 1 sf of ventilation for avery 150sf of ceiling area and provided equally at the eaves and ridge. If you have no soffit ventilation or the home has insulation added that blocked the flow, then this should be corrected. There are a number of products on the market that will allow retrofit ventilation. As the rough lumber may not be flat enough, I would suggest running your underlayment and then choosing a metal roofing system that can go on strapping. Better yet if you strapped vertically over the rafters, then horizontally as this will provide an air chamber the should also be vented and stop heat transfer. There are also a number of of modular panels that can go direct to the sheathing. Choose a bolder profile and measure to ensure they do not hav fastening locations in the spaces.
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