Repairing Standing Seem - Commercial Application

Joe Elert
I am an insurance adjuster and would like to know if a standing metal seem roof can be repaired with out having to replace the whole roof. I have a commercial building measuring 20' x 50' with a gable roof. It is brand new and getting matching panels is not a problem. I have three panels on one side that got dinged. I want to just pay to replace the three panels. The contractor says he won't do it as it will make the warranty void. He wants to replace at a minimum, half of the roof (10'x 50'). Have you ever heard of this? This is new construction and the building is still in the construction phase. Why would replacing three panels void a warranty since it is still in the construction phase?
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Certainly this is a question to best ask the manufacturer of the panels. Theer are a number of types of Standing Seam roofs. Residential and for steeper slopes and shorter lengths, the common product is a clip together with a nail flange concealed. Commercially the panels are generally designed to be structural with a higher seam with either a butyl sealed seam or mechanically seamed in place. They have either fixed or floating clips. Having said that, if the damaged panels are on the finished side, then they may be able to be removed removed in reverse order however if the joint is seamed, then it will destroy the panels and the joint will require significant work to disconnect and reconnect. From the other side it will be more difficult. Some manufacturers make a connection kit, so again, I would contact the manufacturer and get their recommendations.
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