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We have a cabin with steel corrugated roofing on a 1/3 pitch. We plan an addition to the cabin where the pitch would be about half what we have. How do we connect the new roofing to the old? Can we slide the new under the old? Obviously at the juncture, we would have to make a bend because of the different pitch. Can we bend the new roofing that much? If so, how?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I am assuming the new lower pitch roof is at the bottom (downhill) end of the current roof ... This is to much to try to "bend" corrugated panels. Furthermore, you need to make sure that the roofing you're installing on the lower pitch is approved by its manufacturer for that low of pitch. Ideally, the current panels need to be removed and a flashing installed which will extend up under them and then out on top of the new lower roof. You also need to make sure that the underlayment for the new portion extends up under the higher roof underlayment. There MAY be "easier" ways that would still work but I would need to see photos of the current situation and have a better understanding of what is there now and how the panels are fastened. Another option, if you can d it, is to not tie the two roofs directly one to the other. Leave a vertical fascia area on the current roof and then drop down 6" or so to the new roof. That would be much easier and foolproof, frankly, but it may not be feasible.
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