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We are having a problem with our roof. 52 year old cape with full dormer on back. No soffit vents just gable vents. We do not have enough overhang for soffit vents. We even got watr in the house when it rained heavy. We had a couple of roofers out this summer to look at roof. Only thing was to replace back roof. They took off old shiggles 4 feet up and added ice and water shield and a new drip edge. Then replace two layers of shingles to match. Things went well this summer during the very heavy rains. Just sunday once again water in the house. we called original roofer not returning phone calls, had a couple more roofers out. All giving different ideas, aluminum roof, rubber roof, replace old roof, remove gutters, so one. We do not get one specific answer. We are at wits end. We spent 1,000 this summer we do not make a lot of money to keep doing this and we do not know what to do next. The only reason we have this house in this area is it was a little of a fixer upper. Any suggestions. Pro's cons to rubber roofs or aluminum Pitch of roof is 15 degrees. Any help would be appreciated we do not know where to turn.
Allan Reid
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I am assuming you have a shed roof dormer with a slope of 15 degrees or about 3/12 and the leaks are related to this roof section. Water is a creative entity at times and on roofing it will run uphill and sideways at times. First thing to do at no cost is to get a garden hose up on the roof in the area of concern. Start at the eave and slowly work up the roof section by section and you will disciver the point of entry. Do not rush and let the water hose face down the roof open ended. You do not secribe the type of shingles (wood/asphalt) but as they replaced two layers that is an indication it is asphalt. You may be able to locate the leak and do a temporary patch but long term the existing shingles should come off. Then it is an ideal time to install a metal roof with a proper underlayment and to provide proper ventilation under the covering. Also may want to consider upgrading the insulation and putting on an Energy Star roof covering to keep cooler in the summer.
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