Standing Seam industry standard

Bob LeClerc
Hi there. I am installing a 12" standing seam over a barreled roof with 50'+ runs. The architect had spec 'd a Berridge roof which I am know finding out is a 12-3/4" panel after it is run through their continuous roller. I need to maintain that 12" spacing. Do you know what the industry standard is for standing seam, is it a true 12" or more. Do you know if there is a alternate continuous roller out there similar to the berridge or are they the only ones out there. Comments appreciated. Regards Bob.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
There truly is no standard, with each machine designed to work with a specific material width by thickness and meet certain performance criteria. There are some machines that are adjustable. There are a number of member manufcatures that have a similar type products and some have variable width rollformers. Try looking at our member manufacturers that offer SS and contact them. First to come to mind is Englert and Custom-Bilt.
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