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What do you do, if when installing metal roofing panels directly on top of underlayment, the attachment screw hits one of the underlayment nails? And, how do you avoid this happening in the first place?
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Define a regiment and a layout scheme for both the roof covering fasteners and the underlayment fasteners. This of course depends on the product. If as example it is a modular panel that lays 12" courses, then fasten the felt at 6" 3- etc modules. If you are installing a vertical rib, look at the sheathing as well. Certainly you do not want fasteners to end up in the joints of plywood. Again here choose a fastener layout say of 12",16" or 24" but start them at the eave such that they are off plywood coursing. Same them goes for the underlayment. Once you get a layout that works, it is easy to stay in the regiment.
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