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Is there a significant loss in insullating capacity by installing a metal roof after stripping the existing asphault shingles versus installing a metal roof without stripping the existing asphault shingles?
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
May depend on manny things. 1) whether the roof assembly has an attic or is vaulted 2) Ventilation 3) Type of metal roofing product and finish. best thing to do is ensure that you have proper ventilation to code while you are in the process. If you install a vertical rib product over asphalt shingles, it will telegrapgh through so it is best to lay a layer of felt paper. In overlays, the building code has some restrictions and you need to watch to see if you are in an area where there are fire, hail and wind issues and requirements that will dictate the type of assembly.
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