how much should a sub contractor be paid per square feet for a metal roof

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I am a sub contractor and I am under two contractors. One is the big boss that goes and gets the jobs over town. He in return gives the contract to my everyday boss that has been doing metal along time and knows a lot about it. He then turns around and gives me the contract to do the roof by myself and has me to pay my workers out of the amount per square that he is giving me. this one coming up is galvanized metal panels 24 feet long 16" wide and there are 8 dormers. the roof is 64 squares how much should I ask for a square he said $50 I think it to low what about you.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I am sorry but it would be against our anti-trust guidelines to discuss issues like that. I would suggest contacting the roofing manufacturer direct and seeing what input they might have.
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