Jennie Scalfano
We built our house in 1997, it has a brown metal roof with ridge vent and vents all along the eaves. We also have two vents that open when a certain tempertue is reached. Our house holds the tempeture, once it gets warm it does not cool down very easily. We live in Orange Texas and we have to run the air conditions almost year round. When it is 60 out side our house will be 80 inside. We have sprayed on insulation to the metal and blown in insullation for the atic floor. We have damage from Hurrican rita and will be replacing part if not all of the roof, Should we go back with insulation blown onto the metal roof? Is that the cause of holding the heat?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I would concentrate on maximizing ventilation with soffit vents and a ridge vent (nothing else -- close off any other vents) and then maximum insulation on the attic floor. The goal would be to keep the attic as close to outside temperature as possible. You can also look for a light colore dmetal roof or for a darker roof that has reflective pigment in the paint.
Guest User
Being in Texas I would opt for a radiant barrier to get the attic temperatures down. A metal roof acts as a radiant barrier to some degree, some do a better job than others. I don't know how your house is oriented but you do have to worry about the gable ends of the home, If you put a foil barrier up in the attic on the ends and you have the metal roof above with good ventilation, your attic temperatures should drop taking the load off the cooling.
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