Metal Roof Temp Repairs/Hurricane Katrina & Rita

Emily Romaine
I have to get up on this roof again tomorrow. I have not gotten any sufficient help. The guys a contractor brought here, tarped the easy side and left the more difficult side! Now he has evaporated. So, I was thinking, instead of struggling with a heavy tarp on a steep dangerous roof, maybe I will patch it. There is a small portion of support beams exposed that I may be able to use as a "ladder". I am wondering what the best materials are to use for temporary repairs. Seems that the same materials will work best to eliminate leaks. I am desperately trying to eliminate any further damage to the interior of this sweet little house.....espically since it is still standing. Amazing! I have grinders, a metal cutting blade in the chop saw, and many other tools. How do you get this stuff up on the roof? I know how to weld, but I have never done anything like this...and I know it can't be welded!! Any suggestions helpful. Many thanks, Emily
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Not sure exactly what your roof comprises of but it sounds like you lost some sheets of metal that were on wood strapping. If this is the case installing new sheets are relatively simple. Get the sheet length, style and colour. You should be able to go to our web site and select a manufacturer from there, then contact them and get a local supplier who can order it in. The sheets are typically screwed down and they should supply them. If you send me a picture to me I can try to direct you. [email protected]
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