Galvalume double lock standing seam in Texas

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I have a bid to remove old roof and install a galvalume double lock standing seam roof. Area is ~2500 sq feet. The contractor quoted $10,500. My other contractor said there must be something wrong, because the material alone would cost that much. Should I worry it's too good to be true?
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
As we are acting on behalf of the association we are restricted on discussing pricing and warranties. I can offer the following. Always ask for referrals and follow up on them. Remember you are making a lifetime decision. Next is that the pricing depends on the complexity of the roof design, the system offered and the finish. I acn say that some contractors ufamiliar withe metal roofing think that it costs more that it truly does. As well you may have a very experienced contractor who has good availability and pricing. The price range quoted generally fits into the average price of most quality metal roof systems that I have come across. Again I can't stress enough to ask for referrals and then follow up on them. Any quality contractor should be pleased to offer this information. Thanks for thinking Metal.
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