when are gutters necessary?

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i have a 8/12 roof with a 3ft overhang & 35 foot slope. i'm thinking to put on a standing seam metal roof. my experience with gutters is that they plug up with collect leaves & debris and best and put holes in the facia through to the rafters an rot the ends of the rafters at worse. questions: what happens if i don't use gutters? is there and effective alternative? is there an integrated roof/gutter product? can i add a curve up to the bottom to deflect water up and thus dispers it? lastly, where can i find a good how to book on metal roofing. i like to know how so i can monitor the contractor effectively - this ain't cheap!
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
To monitor your contractor, obtain the installation instructions from the roof you choose. There is no more harm in not installing gutters on a metal roof than with any other type of roof. The critical thing is keeping water off the sides of the house and getting it away from the foundation. If you do not intend to install gutters, discuss this with your roofing contractor as they may opt for a longer or different design drip edge in light of this information.
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