Replacing Composite Slate Roof

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My current roof (18 years old) is a combination of fake slate and copper, it is a steep pitch and the slate shingles are sliding and discolored by the copper washing down over it. It would be a real hazard in high winds, which I have so far escaped living in Tampa Bay area. I want to replace the slate with a heavy metal shingle look (OR?)that won't discolor from the copper and has the highest wind rating available. Your sugestions please!
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
As far as wind resistance, there are a couple of different tests used in the roofing industry. Both of them, however, test to meet prescriptive code requirements for a 90 psf uplift resistance rating. Look for products which have this. Most of them will. As far as copper runoff -- copper runoff has a cleaning effect as well as leaving a residue of lost ions. Therefore, anything it runs across will, at the very least, end up streaked looking if not also potentially damaged by the copper ions. You would nneed to bring this up with the roofing manufacturer but right off hand I would suggest removing the copper or installing a copper roof.
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