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I have a flat roof house in San Francisco built in 1958. It is built like two boxes, one on top of the other. Because the upper floor (box) is smaller than the first floor box you see the roof of the first floor from the 2nd floor, about an area 15 feet by 20 feet as you look out over the great view of downtown San Francisco and the San Francisco Bay. It is rather unsightly at the moment. They used a roll out gray shingle like material which obviously came in 3 foot widths, overlapped and sealed with tar. I have to replace it, it is beginning to fail. Of course I want something that is not going to leak and I need to have the roof pitched slightly because water is ponding. Any suggestions for a good looking flat roof that complement the great view of SF and the Bay. Thanks Tom
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Sorry but metal is probably not your best fit here. They do have tapered ridgid insulation for under flat roofing membranes to provide positive slope in the right direction and certain systems that can have paving stones over to creat a patio. I would try a commercial flat roofer.
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