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Planning to build all steel home. Want to have exposed ceilings, exposed A/C Duct. I'm looking for advice on insulation options for the roof. How about a thermal block between perlin and roof panel, then spray foam underside? I'm seeing many options with good and bad associated with all options. I'm located in West Texas. Long hot summers, short cold winters. Thanks.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Forgot to mention, house will be approx. 3000 sq ft, 1:12 slope. The building code does not require roofs less than 2/12 to be ventilated but recent tests at OSDE have shown that a 1" vented vertical air space reduces the heat transfer by 30%. Certainly insulation will overcome this but there is a cost. At this low slope, you will be into a commercial type SS metal roof system and they have certain concealed clip mounts that will stand the roof off the purlins but one does need to look at the structal load points on the purlins. Next is you need to ensure that the foam has a high enough temperature resistance but spraying on the back will lock it to the structure and the thermal movement might be too much and cause problems. Check with the roofing manufacturer.
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