5V tin 24" on center w/ 1 5/8 screw

Guest User
what is the wind up lift for 5v tin 24" on center screwed with 1 5/8 screws in osb ply vrs 1x4
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
That is a question one needs to ask the manufacturer. If you are in a wind uplift zone, then the product must be tested and approved. In addition, the manufacturer must have a QA program similar to ISO 9000 or better to ensure the materials are to the tested type and traceable. Certainly I do not know of any assembly with screws into OSB sheathing that will withstand the high wind uplifts and certainly the screws need to be at least a #12 or even #14 in any case. Again ask the manufacturer. The same applies to the 1x4 fastening. One screw does hold more than in the OSB sheathing but needs to be a tested assembly as the screw head can pull through the metal. Hope this helps.
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