expansion & contraction issues for new installatio

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I am building a house in Carbondale Colorado, elevation 7500 ft, with a corrugated metal roof and I am concerned about expansion & contraction because I will be using exposed fastners. The roof is a flat surface ( 2:12 pitch ), approximately 24 ft X 60 ft, made of SIPS panels ( structural insulated panels ) and covered with ice and water shield. The roofing material is 24 ft corrugated panels of 26 ga weathering steel. I am considering some type of "slip sheet" material over the ice & water shield but is the anything else that I should consider to deal with the fastner movement due to temperature changes. The SIPS panels have a 7/16 OSB surface to fasten into. Thanks Carey Bringle
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
First off I always recommend contacting the manufacturer once you have chosen a metal roof sytem to get their advice. If you only have 12 ft sheets the exp[amsion/contraction factor is minimal. Basically steel moves 3/4" over 100' over 100 degrees of temp change. Ensure you have the fasteners located corectly. I would however contact your SPIS manufacturer about putting the ice and water on the whole roof area. The building code calls for a moisture barrier that needs to allow air to move through it to be locatede under all roofing materials. Next the building codes now call for a minimum 1" vented air space which you can achieve by strapping the roof. As well there are vented closure strips available for the eaves and ridge. This assembly will help keep the roof cooler by elloiminating any heat transfer which will stop the metal from moving as much. More important it will save you on energy bills. Good luck
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Me and my husband are in the process of building onto our house. We already have a metal roof which has been on for about 5 years, we was wondering if our metal roof may look a different color when we get the roof on the new part?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Five years is not a huge amount of time. However, the old roof has undoubtedly developed a layer of dirt/grime on it that is affecting its appearance, Also, it surely has faded some, based upon the quality of paint system. I would sure try to get the same manufacturer, panel, and color as before. Ask the manufacturer for fresh chips of that color so you can do a comparison.
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