Metal Roofing Install for Garden Shed

Howard Roeschlein
I am about to put Pro Rib (from Menards)metal roofing on our new shed and it has 7/16 osb and tar paper laid down. I was going to fasten on top of ridges directly on flat roof and after reading this forum what do I need to know about venting. I bought closure strips for the bottom along the eave and also the reverse pattern for under the ridge cap. It's a shed with no heat and I am in Indiana. The inside of the shed will have a few vents but the metal roofing will be closed for the most part.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
The size of the shed is important. If it is just a 10x10 storage shed, then some gable venting will keep the air changed and limit condensation.
Guest User
The shed is 10x12 and the shed will be vented but the metal roof is on top of the sheathing with no real venting so do you think that will be OK? Also when fastening should I put a screw next to each tall rib on the flat area and then on top of the rib for the overlap? I have seen some info were the screws should only be on top of the tall ribs and no screws in the flat areas. And also what distance vertically up the roof section should screws be placed, 2', 3', 4'. Each roof side is slightly less than 8' long.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
A couple of gable vents will be adequate. As to fastening, certainly check with the manufacturer but on short sheets there is little thermal movement so installing them in the flat besoide a rib is permitted but in all case do not overtighten. Fastening locations are up to the manufacturer and material thickness but if you have generic vertical rib, I would space them no more than 24" vertically and 12" horizontally.
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