Mike Zee
mike zee
Hello, Can you help. We're do-it-yourselfers. We're having trouble with the flashing at the slope transition. We ordered the flashing but did not specify width, thinking that it would be standard for the type of roofing we chose. We're installing the lock-seam with hidden screws. The flashing at the slope break is 9 inches wide, 4 inches on the uphill portion, and 5 inches on the downhill portion. The problem is that it is not bent at the angle we need. It needs to be opened up to a greater angle (i.e. more obtuse angle) so that it lays against the top of the standing seams on the lower roof. The upper roof has the steeper pitch. How can I change the angle? I tried improvising a sort of a "break" using 2x4's clamped along the length of the flashing. Then i tried bending it using my weight. It actually did bend quite a bit, but not enough. And it was quite difficult. Luckily I got away with this bone-headed manuever without scratching the surface. Is there a better way to bend to the angle I need? Should I have ordered wider flashing? And should I have ordered the exact angle? Also I'm having trouble getting the rake trim and the eave trim to meet cleanly at the corners. We have a good pair of nibblers, and cutting is not a problem. But is there a standard for getting them to meet tightly without just screwing though the metal into the fascia boards. Thanks, in advance. Mike.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Oftentimes, when drip edges meet at a corner, one of the pieces is cut long and folded around the corner and then the other piece lays on top of that. It just helps provide a more finished look. As far as the pitch change flashing ... take the flashing to a local sheet metal shop -- they should be able to re-form it a bit. You want to make sure that the flashing is mounted high enough on the upper roof so that it maintains a positive pitch down to the lower roof. Yeah, they should not have formed this sort of flashing for you without knowing the roof pitches involved.
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