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Today a guy that came out to look at my driveway to plow this winter told me about a friend of his who does metal roofing. I don't know anything at all about it. In our town of 1900 there are 3 homes with it and those were installed this summer. I always thought it was cheaper because people felt the panels looked cheap compared to asphalt shingles. This site indicates it's a lot more expensive. In any case, my concern is price because I'll be dead in 20 years so I don't care if it lasts 30 years or 50 years. The guy said he puts strapping on the roof and secures the panels to that. We get noreasters here so I'm wondering if that will hold. Also, I have no idea what to ask him about the materials, the installation, the finish, the warranty, etc. Is there a list on this website? I have to be careful because these contractors see an old woman alone and it seems to bring out the worst, unfortunately. Thanks for the help.
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Our oldest customer to date was 97 years old. He told us not to tell him anything about the warranty. He was ensuring the family home was in good shape when it was passed along. Having said that as an association we do have restrictions on comments towrads warranty and cost. There are many types of metal roofing systems and quality of substrates. Certainly there are some systems that can compete in price with shingles but one does get what you pay for. Choose a product that you like and ask about the substrate. It should be a minimum G90 galvanized for painted or AZ50 Aluminum for either bare or painted to ensure good rust resistance and/or aluminum. For long life coatings look for a PVDF, SMP or Granular finish. Typically these types of products come with a finish and system warranty. Also there are many products now with Energy Star ratings that reflect the suns heat and reduce AC costs. If you are worried about severe weather such as wind, hail or fire, ask to see their product approval report which will show application methods that have been tested and approved. Choose a product, then interview the contractors. Ask for a minimum 3 referances on similar type installations with contact numbers. Then go and view the work and ask for opinions. There may be more metal roofs in yopur area as many today look like conventional products. Take your time and innvestigate. Good Luck From this info you should be able to make a value decision.
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