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I have read though the majority of all the messages related to this very subject and find myself still asking the same questions. Is there a gutter system out there that can with stand the snow slides generated from steel roofs with out snow guards? Is there a snow guard product available that doesn't require disassembling your roof or drilling holes in it, this defeats the purpose doesn't it. As a matter of fact I am now asking myself more questions than I was before I visited your site. It seems the members of the expert panel have different opinions on whether to install gutters as high as you can or as low as you can with respect to the roof line. Other than this I didn't find any useful information about what type of gutter system works good, bad, or indifferent with a particular type of roofing system. It seems to be rather easy to sit back as Mr. Reid is and petal his product as he does in all of his responses. According to the MRA President your goal is to educate consumers about the many benefits of metal roofing. It appears there are a few draw backs as well. Based on the number of concerned home owners(according to you "ask the experts") facing the same issues that I am it would be incouraging to see the very companies that we purchased our roofing products from address the issues at hand.
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I am sorry if Al and I have ever given conflicting information. In many cases, there can be slight differences between questions which will alter the answer. In other cases, Al and I could have some different experiences and opinions. He's from Canada, though, so I'd take his word on ice and snow issues over mine anyday! Really, putting a successful gutter system on a metal roof isn't tough. I would look for a gutter system with brackets that fasten into the fascia. I would also use as large and as heavy gauge of gutter you can find. For my houses, I have always used 6" gutters made from .032" aluminum and they have worked very well. I live in Ohio -- we get more than our share of rain and snow actually. As far as how high the gutters are mounted -- my advice to mount them high is based largely on installations involving high profile shake and tile look metal roofs. The water comes off from a higher point once those roofs are installed so I have found out that it is best to mount gutters high. However, I am sort of reminded of what Wayne Gretzky has said -- don't play where the puck is, play where it's going to be. In other words, look at the roof and, based upon the metal panel you install and the pitch of the roof, estimate the angle that the water will come off the roof at. That is where you want the gutter to be. Okay, snowguards ... there are many good systems which install without fasteners through the panels and without disassembling the roof. I do not know what sort of metal roof you have, though, so it is hard for me to make a specific recommendation. If you wish, contact me with pictures or a product name or you can also contact the roofing manufacturer and see what they suggest as far as a snowguard system. Some snowguards install using a very heavy duty high quality adhesive. Problem is, it's probably too late in most snow areas to install using the adhesive and expect it to cure before winter. My email, should you wish to contact me that way, is [email protected]
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