Venting metal roof with Yankee gutters

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I have a 1830's home with an old metal roof over an old cedar shake roof which is fastened to 1x2s 6 inches apart. The gutters are yankee gutters in bad shape. My first question is how much of a ripoff do I have done and what would be the typical replacement order of materials for the install of a 16" standing seam metal roof. My second question is how do I ventilate from the ridge to the Yankee gutters. Is there a way to ventilate when Yankee gutters are used. Thanks John O
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
As a Canadian you have me on the Yankee gutters but I am assuming they may be the concealed gutter system. The older homes were designed to breathe, including the roof. This meant the heat loss melted snow off the roof and its weight. I would certainly take the opportunity to remove the weight off the roof and provide proper ventilation as the home certainly produces more moisture today. There are ways to rebuild the concealed gutters and apply a asdhered membrane and or metal liner that will run uop the roof a little. Vents can be concealed under the metal roofing at this point with holes cut to the lower attic area and covered with the new underlayment. The ridge should be cut open to the attic and profoled vented closure strip used under the ridge cap. I would consider strapping the roof vertically over the existing 1x2, directly over the rafters with 1 1/2" material and then horizontally to accept the new roof. This provides a vented air space and opportiunity to incorporate the eave ventilation for the attic which will reduce ice daming from heat loss and AC costs in the summer. Use a good quality moisture barrier under the roof covering.
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