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I have a summer home on Grand Isle, La. and currently have a shingle roof, but considering a metal roof to replace our damaged Katrina shingle roof. The delima is that I have been given four differnt opinions on installation. One is to install directly over the existing roof, another is to strip with 2x4 over the existing, another is to strip and use 2x4 and the fourth is to strip, use a titanium vapor barrier and screw into the deck without striping. Please help. Thanks
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Warren, Thanks for considering metal. First, whichever way you go, you must make sure that the installation procedure is in keeping with how the manufacturer says the product should be installed. That is critical. Many residential metal roofing systems, for example, must be installed over decking and underlayment. As far as removing the old shingles, usually, I do not see a reason to. I would always install underlayment over them though. And, some standing seam metal roofs really would benefit from a tear-off of the old shingles if you do a direct to deck installation in order to provide as smooth of a substrate as possible. Putting undue pressure on standing seam panels, forcing them to go over an uneven surface, can cause ripples in the panels. Extra energy efficiency can be achieved by strapping the roof vertically and then horizontally. The resulting vertical air channels, then can be ventiled with intake air through the soffits at the bootm and exhaust vents in the ridge.
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