Farzad Eshghi
We are currently in the process of installing a metal roof on a Canadian style house. The house has a curve on the bottom part of the roof as well as the dormers. The problem we are having is the metal panels have ridges in them and therefore do not take the shape of the roof without folding or buckling. The manufacturer also supplied us with a roller that has the ridges groved into the slip roll but this method bucles the metal as well causing the paint to crack at the buckles. We are destroying a lot of expensive steel by what we are doing now! can anybody offer a solution???? we need help!!!
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
This is a tough thing to do. Given that the manufacturer provided this roller, though, they must feel it can be done. I am wondering, though, if you're trying to put more curve into the panel than can be done successfully. I sure don't know any magic to doing this unfortunately. If you're doing it in very cold weather, warming the panels may help with the paint fracturing. I would go back to the manufacturer and ask them for a video or detailed instructions or something. Frankly, I am a little surprised to hear of someone even attempting this in the field. Good luck.
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