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Is it okay to install rain gutters on a home with a vertical panel metal roof? We had our roof installed about 5 years ago, and because our original gutters were removed we now have a problem with rain buildup on the back of the house as there is a pool, concrete and hill. I was hoping diverting the rain to either end of the house would prevent the water buildup from coming ino the basement. If they can be installed, how is the best way to do it in relation to the roof to prevent ice buildup, which is already an issue? The ice actually crushed our chain link fence last winter so we had to replace it...
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
In my experience, gutters are rarely a contributor to ice damming. Normally, such damming occurs first higher up on the roof and is due to poor ventilation inside the attic. You need to have good ventilation with soffit vents as intake and a ridge vent as exhaust, continually "bathing" the underside of the roof decking with cold air. For the gutters, you will want a gutter system which uses brackets to mount to the fascia. You want to mount the gutters as high as possible and I would suggest the larger 6" gutters. Make sure the gutters are mounted with adequate slope for water flow. Your roof's drip edge may be long enough that it will need to be notched in order to allow for the brackets or fasteners for the gutter system.
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