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I have a second story patio/ roof that is always leaking. Idealy i want it to be a roof and patio with the finish product of a tile on top set in a mud base with a cast iron railing...the process i was going to build is 3/4" plywood,90weight paper , copper flashing ,corigated steel ,3" mud poor and then thin set with the tile on top will this work? it is a flat roof!
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
This is a little beyond metal roofing but with my construction experiece I offer the following. 1- make sure the structure is strong enough to elliminate movement. Normaslly there needs to be double layer of plywood layed opposite to 1" in thickness. 2- make sure you have a good metal drip edge around the perimeter. 3- I would install a good quality ice and water shield that is self adhesive over the plywood and the metal drip. 4- your details around the railing posts need attention to detail. if fastening down through the tile, make sure you have blocking under the plywood and use a marine sealant in the holes prior to putting the lags. 5- they have new underlays for ceramics that are mesh type.This will need to be fastened with stainless staples through the water shiels which is self sealing. Having said that watch what you do with the lower area. Is it enclosed and heated as you need to consider insulation as the tile will draw condensation. Consider then having it spray foamed.
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