Carter Yepsen
Hi - I'm planning on install and concealed fastener metal roof on new construction. 8:12 pitch. The installation manuals for the product I plan on using shows two method for eaves - offset cleats OR just sealer tape and screws w/ gaskets. It seems like the later would be much quicker, skipping the hemming of each panel. With my fairly steep roof pitch, should I be OK with tape/screws? Or is expansion a reason to use cleats? Thanks!
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
I can't stress enough to ask the manufacturer as length of rafter, material thickness, etc all come into play. Sure hate to see you install the roof and then have binding points with thermal contraction. Each roof system has its own set of design criteria. A couple points to consider;the building code does call for a drip edge and hemming over the eaves end of the sheet protects the exposed edge of the panel from edge creep as it certainly is in a high water area.
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