Silla Sumerlin
Hi- I recently had a tree fall on the corner of my house knocking off roughly 10 of the asbestos tiles that currently serve as my roof coverage. Since the roof can not be fixed, insurance is paying to replace the whole roof. I am interested in replacing it with a metal roof. Is it possible to lay the metal roof over the asbestos tiles as long as they are kept intact during the process? Any suggestions, answers, or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
My knowledge is more based on the Canadian standard but I believe they are identical with the USA. Most of the asbestos roofing material is inert in its current form and you can roof over however you can not drill the material as it creates dust. Generally the roof should be strapped vertically using a power nailer and a good quality underlayment installed and then a strapped horizontally to accept the roof system. There may be other factors to consider such as wind and hail requirements for your area. If you ask around you should find a contractor experienced with this type of installation.
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