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I would like to install a Galvalume metal roof on my A-frame home but need a solution on how to solve the problem of standing water build up and corrosion where the ribs meet the roof edge at gable sides. The width of the roof is 45' at the ridge top and 40' wide at the bottom roof edge. The first and last panels on either side will have to be angle cut from top to bottom and I haven't figured out how to attach the facia drip edge cap trim without possible edge corrosion and leaks from standing water. Can you help?
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
First we recommend that you contact the manufacturer of the product you have choosen and get their recommended details. Assuming that you are installing a vertical rib through fastened panel and given the dimmensions provided, you will have to angle at least one sheet on each end or two on one end. If you don't mind the water running over the gable, then you should run a drip edge up the gable and you can trim your sheets for an overhang to match the eaves. Then you can run one or two rows of butyl tape between the two which will seal the joint and stop water from working back under.Better yet is to hand forn the end of the sheet back under al around the drip. This of course would depend on the pa\nel profile. If you do not want the water to go over the gable you can hand form a vertical seam and lock a trim into it. This will divert the water down the roof. This off course depends on the profile of the sheet. Again contact the manufacturer. Good Luck.
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