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What is the minimum slope where metal roofs can be used? It would be over a heated/insulated family room. If it could be installed on a 1/12 pitch should it be installed over snow guard?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Most residential metal roofing materials require a minimum 3:12. There are, though, many styles of "field-seamed" or "mechanically-seamed" metal roofs which can be installed at much lower pitches -- down to 1:12 or even lower. These products should have an underlayment ebeneath them but, properly installed, these products are watertight at low pitches. You will need to locate a metal roofing contractor who does commercial roofing in all likelihood, or a commercial roofer who does metal. I am concerned some about a possible lack of ventilation ... the exact construction of the home and roof system need to be discussed further.
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