Metal on low pitch roof and Mating to asphalt

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I have a 20x15 section of roof over a dingni room on the back of the house that has begun to leak due to vaulted ceiling I can not locate the source of the leak, the rook is not in the best of shape and has numerous defects. I was considering steel due to the fact that we are in upstate NY and snow/Ice dams have been a problem. The problems I am having are 1) roof has a 3.2 in 12 pitch which I have seen in some references to be considered too shallow for a corragated steel roof. 2) the ridge line of this roof meets with a larger section of roof that is not leaking and I cannot afford to replace at this time Can the roofs be adquatly mated at the ridge? 3) would I be better off to replace with asphalt shingles rather than steel which I thought would better shed the snow and aid in the icedam problem. Any input is appreciated.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Generally, metal presents a good option here but, as with anything, proper installation is key. Virtually all residential metal roofs can be used on roof pitches of 3:12 or greater. I would suggest finding an experienced metal roofing contractor, talking about the product they are going to use, and making sure that they are working with the manufacturer to ensure proper installation, especially at the transition to the other roofing material.
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