metal roof on my mini barn help

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I have contracted for a metal roof on my mini barn ( 12 x 16 ). The 400 sq. ft. roof has a 10/12 pitch. I have a rough lumber board underlayment and am covering it with 30lb. felt paper. I had begun to install purloins but the contractor said I should remove them because the metal roof would be laid directly on the felt paper. I did tell him I planned on putting a small wood stove in so I could use it in the winter but he didn't make any comment. Won't the metal need breathing space? Condensation etc. I will have roof cap vents and screened soffets. Thanks.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Most residential metal roofs are designed to be installed over decking and underlayment, no purlins. For products that are designed to be installed over purlins as an option, there is nothing wrong with that for your application though, to assure ventilation, you may wnat to install vertical purlins first, followed by horizontal purlins so that the area beneath the metal can be vented. As far as your wood stove, I am curious about the rest of the construction -- is there an attic space and a ceiling? If so, how do you plan to vent that area? Feel free to email direct to me if you wish. [email protected]
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