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I'm in hurricane torn biloxi,ms and FEMA has just put a layer of blue plastic with mesh in it on the roof so it won't leak until a new roof can be put on--I have put several steel roofs on before--right on the existing shingles--can I leave this tarp type material on the roof and put the steel right over it or could this be a problem with moisture or something else--it looks like tarp material with a mesh in it--like you would buy to cover your boat or etc. Jim
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
It is important to adhere to the instructions put forth by the metal roofing manufacturer. I think you will find that virtually all of us will want an underlayment over the existing shingles -- either 30 pound felt or a synthetic underlayment. For one thing, this keeps the back of the metal from being damaged by rubbing against the old shingles. Generally, I would remove the tarp before installation of the roof and install an appropriate underlayment.
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