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We are building a new home in the Western Washington and have solicted several bids for a standing seam metal roof. All bidders have a copy of the house arhcitectual drawings. The quotes vary from $17,000 to $36,000. What am I to look for in understanding the wide price variance between these bids. I have notice bids from 26 guage to 22, lowest to highest in cost, of course. Do I need a 22 guage roof. Pitch 5/12, standard sheathing.
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
You have stumbled across what I think is one of the neat things about metal roofing. Obviously, all metal roofs have certain inherent benefits to property owners. However, within the metal roofing industry, you can select from many product types and designs. Inherent to that variation of types and designs is some variation in price and what you've seen does not surprise me. Of course, as is typically the case iwth anything we buy, inherent to variance in price is some variance in quality and attributes of the various products. I am, obviously, a believer in all metal roofing. As a consumer, you can weigh for yourself what level of quality, which attributes, and what sort of "look" you want with your metal roof. Some of the differences you'll see as you examine various products are: exposed fasteners versus concealed fasteners; "through-fasteners" vs. fasteners that go down on "floating" clips; Kynar/Hylar paint finishes vs. polyester finishes; aggregate (stone) coatings vs. paint finishes; steel vs. Aluminum vs. Copper; smooth designs vs. ribbed designs; vertical seam vs. shingle and tile designs; various wind ratings on different products; various metal thicknesses Obviously, as you look at these various issues, you will find variances in quality levels. It is not so much that anything is "bad" as it is a determination you have to make as to what benefits / attributes you wnat and whether you want to pay for them. If you contact the manufacturers of various products, they will be glad to discuss with you the attributes of their products and help you to draw comparisons with competing products. Because the Metal Roofing Alliance is a trade association of competing products and must adhere to its own antitrust guidelines, I cannot draw direct comparisons in this public forum. Thanks for your interest. I hope that this has helped in some small way.
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