Ray Melton Jr
The roof on my house recently sustained wind damage from hurricane Rita and I have gotten one estimate so far. The roofer quoted $1100.00 to replace missing shingles, $1610.00 to remove all shingles on the affected side and $5510.00 to re-shingle the entire roof. Only the south facing side of the roof suffered damage, which was limited to shingles being blown off or broken. The roofer inspected the remaining roof and advised that the shingles were not damaged and did not require replacement. The roof is only six years old on new construction (20 year shingles) and there are no leaks. I plan on getting two additional estimates, but my question is; should the entire roof be replaced or would the replacement of the southside shingles be sufficient. The roofer is providing a two year labor warranty. Thanks
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
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