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What are the heights of typical residential metal roof ribs? I'm designing a mounting system for aluminum solar thermal collectors. I'm considering using short pieces of aluminum unistrut which will provide 1-5/8" clearance between the bottom of the solar collector and the space between the metal roof ribs (aka. the "valley"). Is this height sufficient for 90% of the metal roofing you've installed on roofs? -Pete Koepfgen solar hybrid heating systems Vaughan, Canada
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Most true standing seam profiles have seam heights of 1-5/8" or often taller. Most through-fastened metal roofing sheets have lower ribs. If you use a true standing seam (with concealed fasteners and clips for expansion and contraction), then you will need to mount the collectors on top of the seams using specialize mounting fixtures. You will not want to just screw down through the panels. S5! is the name of one such mounting fixture.
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