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Do you know of place on the web (or at itself) where one can review photos or drawings of actual flashing options. I picked up a roof window and intend to place it on the roof of a small workshop I want to build using raised rib sheet metal for the roofing. Thank you!
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
The best place to start is the manufacturer of the roofing material you are selecting. Failing that you could go to the NRCA would publishes a general technical book on steep slope metal. Ideally you would centre the light on a sheet or visa versa. Install a lower sheet first cutting out for the light approximately 12", then flash the loweredge of the light, folding the flashing back up the sides, then cut and install pieces of roofing on each side bending up against the curb to self flash. Carry the lower edge 4" past the botom of the light and fold the vertical leg on an angle across the bottom of the light and carry the top edge 12" past the top of the light. Fold the flashing legs at the top of the light down and around the light. Now install a a L shaped flashing pan with width of the light plus 4" on each side and the roof leg should be 12 ". Now you can install the upper sheet leaving it short of the light by 4" to drain the water. Ensure that you close the end of the sheet with a profiled closure strip. Basically you are layering and overlapping as you work up. Use a butyl tape sealand between the sheets for extra protection.
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