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I am roofing contractor who normally work on composit shingle and flat commercial roof. Recently I got a enquiry from a old friend of mine about a repair of a corugated metal panel roof over a what used to be warehouse turned retail building. Some contractor have done a really terrible job of renovation. he built a six foot parafet over and around gutter at a drainage section of roof edge but eliminating a few down spout. Gutter is within the wall with narrow opening to gutter (If this sound confusing trust me it is unimaginable how this work was done). Whenever there are heavy rain fall gutter over flows and into between a wall. My solution is to cover a coner and build new sccuppers and criket to handle water. However I am not so sure what is the best way to coat new criket as well as metal roof. Do you have any suggestion?
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
You did not mention the size of the detail in question and the climate. Certainly having a long rafter in the NW would be an issue with the amount of rain and in MI it would be the snow and ice damming. The old method was to form the gutter out of Galvanized and solder the joints. You will then need to coat it with something to stop corrosion from accelerated drips, like paint or an asphalt emulsion. There is also modern 2 ply materials that can be torched down over the existing materials made especially for this. See a roofing wholesaler or contact a local flat roofer.
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