pre-painted metal sheet roofing on residence

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Friends, A local builder has installed 29 gauge sheet metal, "grand rib" profile roofing on a new house. He applied it directly to 2X4 "nailers" that are nailed at 24"O.C. on top of rafters. At eaves he just blocked between rafters and left rafter ends exposed and painted. At ridge he installed formed metal ridge cap. No sheathing, no felt paper, no nothing. No screening at either eaves or ridge vents. As a private home inspector, I have pointed out possible condensation problems and very likely intrusion by birds, bats, flying squirrels, and insects. Lack of screening at vents is definite code violation. Codes leave installation methods up to "manufacurer's instructions." Those are not known at present. Do you trade group guys have opinions about this application? Thanks, Jim Baird
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
There were perhaps some shortcuts made on the venting. I believe, though, that Grand Rib has been tested and approved for installation over spaced sheathing. It is critical that you contact the manufacturer of the roofing and find out how their product has been tested and approved to be installed. There really is no such thing as generic metal roofing. What you're dealing wth here must be addressed based upon the particular product installed.
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