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I need to put snow guards on my metal roof, specifically in a moderate slope valley area that was damaged by snow/ice buildup from the end of the panels up, about 2 feet. The roofing has been replaced, and I want to keep it from having more damaged this year. Is there a template or pattern to follow? My supplier has an "expert" who is never around to answer the question.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Snow guards are for retaining snow on the roof and stop the avalanching off. Sounds like you have heat loss which is melting the snow which runs down and freezes over the colder overhang area. If this is the case, then you need to install some more ventilation in the attic if possible to exhaust the heat and/or consider some heat cables in the areas that the ice builds up. If snow avalanching is still an issue then install the guards up higher. Go to any of the metal magazines and look up their product suppliers at Modern trade, Krause publications,
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Technically, snow guards defeat the purpose of a standing seam roof which is designed to quickly shed the snow. If you are going to install snow guards, ensure that they are at least 24" above the interior wall of your home. If the guards are on your overhang you will cause more ice-damming and more damage. -Mike Poole [email protected]
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks Mike.
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