5v crimp galvalume, exposed fastener metal roofing

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My husband applied 26 gauge galvalume on our gable garage roof. He trimmed the outside edges with shears he purchased for this purpose. However, the trimming did not come out straight. We now need to place a trim on to hide this. Originally, we were going to use shingles so the roof was prepared as needed with the traditional drip edge. We did the necessary barrier between the tin tags and the metal roof. What kind of trim do we need to place on the outside edges? The front and back of the garage have the closure strips and we don't want to put any trim there. Eventually, we will place gutter at front and back. Will the present drip edge hinder what we need to do? I have read about having to be careful in using un-like metals together. I have seen some trims on metal roofing that look like they would just flap in the wind and because of our location in southern Florida we need to apply something that is well secured. One last thing; what type of coating should we use on the trimmed edges to prevent rusting? Thank you!
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
All of these questions could be best answered by the manufacturer of the roofing. However, if you used shears to cut the metal, it is not imperative that you coat the cut edges but any rust inhibiting paint would do well. As far as the trim, you should be able to get matching metal from your roofing supplier and then have a local sheet metal shop brake it into an L-shaped trim to be fastened to the panels. If you'd like some further ideas, email picture sof the situation to me at [email protected]
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